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Each cell salt has its own purpose in helping to bring body cells to a natural balance. All twelve taken in conjunction may help to retain that balance.

Calcarea Fluorica CA F2

Normal calcium plasma level range in healthy person 9.5-10.5 mg per 100ml. It assist normal blood circulation and the strengthening of blood vessels. Strengthens the elastic tissue of the ravid uterus, prevents after pains- tones up uterus ,making partitution easy. Useful during threatened abortion, varicose veins.

Calcarea Phosphoricum Ca2(Po4)2

This cell salt would be beneficial where digestion and nutrient assimilation are a problem. This may include growing children and those who do not put weight on easily. Loss appetite during pregnancy, weakness during pregnancy. Improves mothers milk when its bad, acrid, sour child rejects it, it helps to increase the milk. It restorative after pregnancy - debilitated.

Calcarea Sulph CaSo4.2 H2O

Calcium Sulphate is a constituent of connective tissue, mucous membranes and skin. As a powerful blood purifier, it may assist in clearing the body of unwanted accumulations including skin eruptions It is useful for slow wound healing where inflammation or infection are evident. Useful during abortion.

Ferrum Phosphoricum Fe2(Po4)2.8H20

Normal range 14.5 mg (Iron phosphate) Iron definiciency caused by severe blood loss, malnutrition, infections, and excessive use of drugs and chemicals. Iron deficiency during pregnancy and childhood , Clinical manifestation–Breath holding spells and obesity. After delivery prevents inflammatory conditions—puerperal fever; - can be applied externally on lacerated parts, it reduces pain after delivery.

This cell salt has been referred to as the oxygen carrier because of its ability to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body for use in the conversion to energy. Ferrum Phosphate is used for proper absorption and utilization of iron and so it assist in the treatment of tiredness caused by anemia, and in cases where there is excessive loss of blood such as in wounds where copious amounts of blood are lost.

Kali Muriaticum Kcl (Potassium chloride)

Normal serum concentration of potassium is 20 mg, This cell salt may be useful for relieving mucus congestion during colds and sinusitis, or where there is an thick white or grayish colored discharges. It may be especially useful for problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis, catarrhal infections of the middle ear, thrush, pleurisy and for problems with swollen glands

Kali Phosp K2HPO4 (Potassium phosphate)

Nervousness during pregnancy, Its useful during labor when pains are too weak , it hastens the labor, As a constituent of the nerve and brain cells, Potassium Phosphate is useful in nerve related illnesses such as emotional irritability, menopausal mood swings, depression, nervousness, children's tantrums, mental exhaustion and tiredness. It is useful in cases of insomnia where sleeplessness is due to the inability of the brain to 'slow down' and in cases of extreme stress.

Kali Sulph K2SO4

The sulphate of potassium act as a catalyst in the absorption and distribution of oxygen and iron in the body. It builds up women who have been subject to abortion. It could be of some assistance where discharges have a yellowish or greenish appearance, especially from the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.

Magnesium Phos Mg3(Po4)2

Normal blood serum of magnesium 1.7 to 2.2 mg/dl. Cramps pains are the guiding symptom of the deficinancy of this mineral, which is attributed due to the weakening and rupture of the insulation over the nerves. The bathing of the bare uninsulted nerve in an acid environment is the cause of intense pain relieved by hot application. For crampy pains in hands & legs-- during labor, useful during eclampsia Helps in ejection of retained placenta.

Natrum Mur Nacl

The total sodium in or body is 235 gms. In body it ranges from 450-530 mg per 100 ml, its estimated that about 10 gms of sodium in form of Nacl is daily required for the proper maintance of Osmotic pressure, fluid balance, muscle irritability and acid base-balance. (Sodium chloride) Dysuria during pregnancy , labor pains slow it cheers up the patient. Useful after labor – mother feeble craves salt , lochia prolonged copious, this salt clears up restore the milk. This cell salt has been referred to as the 'water salt'. As a regulator of moisture in the cells it is useful in conditions where there may be too little or too much water (this does not include fluid retention).

Watery colds, tissue dryness, edema, excessive salivation and urination and the tendency to cry easily are all conditions where there may be an excess of water in the cells. Too little water may result in decreased amounts of digestive fluids, dry psoriasis, and inadequate lubrication of the vagina or constipation. People who need this cell salt often crave salt or become extremely thirsty.

Natrum Phos NaH2Po4H2O

Morning sickness nausea and vomiting Sodium Phosphate is helpful for maintaining the alkalinity of the blood. In people where there may be an excess of acidity this cell is of use. include, arthritis, gout, gastric indigestion, dyspepsia an d heartburn. It might also be of some use to children who have been fed too much sugar, to some cases of nausea and also where intestinal worms are a problem.

Natrum Sulph (Sodium sulphate) Na2SO4

The purpose of this cell salt is to balance the body's overall water content. It may be of assistance in cases of mild fluid retention as it encourages the kidneys to pass urine. Sodium Sulphate might also help in some cases of jaundice, biliousness, digestive discomfort and may even assist in dispelling the languid feelings often displayed during periods of humid weather. Lessens the secretion of Mother's milk when it is increased.

Silicea SiO2

As a biochemic cleanser this cell salt may assist in the suppuration and elimination of waste. Silica may also be beneficial for relieving constipation. Improves mothers milk when its scanty - supressed Indicated in women who tend to abort,due to weakness

EXTERNAL USE ; The remedies may be used for local application by mixing 10-20 gms of the medicine with Vaseline, glycerine or dry powder itself may be sprinkled in case of boils, carbuncles felons fistula etc can be applied for sprains , tumors abscess neuralgic pains , these external application hasten the cure.


Diskets are manufactured with pharma grade sugar.This are available in four colors RED,YELLOW,WHITE,GREEN and in 100mg,300mg and 500mg,and packing of 450gms.


Globules are manufactured with pharma grade sugar.Sizes available are no.10,20,30,40 and 60. packing of 450gms.